Age of Sigmar Army Showcase: Stormcast Eternals

Hello, everyone! As Age of Sigmar's 4th Edition approaches, it's time to showcase some of our communities' armies, and get to know some of them! We'll be doing these showcases every week, so be sure to tune in for them if you're interested in Age of Sigmar content!

Today, we're talking to Renzus and his Stormcast Eternals!


Gamersaurus Rex: Introduce yourself!

Renzus: Hello! I'm Sheng Ren, or Renzus as most folks around here know me.

GR: Why did you start Stormcast Eternals?

R: Honestly, because they look pretty darn cool. I think the whole "They're just fantasy Space Marines!" narrative is pretty overblown. Plus, a lot of the more recent lore for them fleshes out their role in the cosmic order quite a bit. 

GR: What's your favourite Stormcast Eternals model?

R: Right now, it's gotta be Yndrasta. Angel-winged slayer of monsters? Sign me the hell up.

 GR: What do you like about Age of Sigmar in general?

R: I love the setting. I love that it takes place on interconnected but separate elemental planes instead of a more static singular world. And the high magic setting makes practically anything possible.

GR: Is there anything you're looking forward to for 4th Edition?

R: Mostly the range refresh for Stormcast Eternals. Seeing the knew Knight-Azyros model that was previewed recently gives me confidence that the model quality is just going up from here.

GR: What's your favourite reveal so far?

R: Have I mentioned the Knight-Azyros? Just...look at it.



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