• The Quest for the Boltersaurus Dice!

    Only the bravest will be rewarded with the most holy of relics - the Boltersaurus dice. Find out more about our campaign!

  • Be a part of the G'Rex Crusade!

    We are exceedingly proud to announce that our first ever Crusade Campaign has just launched! Take part from the comfort of your own home!
  • The G'Rex Crusade begins!

    With Indomitus clearly in sight, the Gamersaurus Rex team has begun playtesting and preparing for you to experience the Crusade campaign mode for yourselves soon!

  • New bespoke A Song of Ice & Fire Gaming Sleeves, now available! :D

    These quality gaming sleeves come in packs of 50, for $12 each! Get them before they're gone!   
  • Baratheons & Targaryens get even more in late June! Preorders now open!

    We're expecting these new releases to be available in June or earlier! Get your PREORDERS in by end of May! :)- Baratheon: Rhollor Faithful- Barath...
  • Win a Limited Edition Catachan Colonel with your Games Workshop purchases!

  • As Games Workshop Reopens, we're giving you 20% OFF your Warhammer buys! Use discount code MAYGWSALE on checkout!

    As Singapore continues our Covid-19 Circuit Breaker measures, we're here to make your hobby restock as painless as possible! Use discount code MAYG...
  • Welcome to our new Website, now complete with a Webstore!

    It's not just the storefront that's changing! Now you can shop at Gamersaurus Rex from the comfort of your own homes, and away from the hazards of ...
  • Bring WAR to your friends with the Nemesis Warbringer Titan!

    The Nemesis Warbringer Titan is the latest addition to Adeptus Titanicus! Bring WAR to your friends in the worlds of Warhammer during the age of th...
  • New Warbands take to the Underworlds!

    The Wurmspat & Hrothgorn's Mantrappers are the latest Warbands for the amazing Warhammer Underworlds tabletop game!These Warbands come with new...
  • Teclis is coming!

    Old World Warhammer hero, Teclis, is making a comeback in Warhammer Age of Sigmar!During the End Times, Teclis and his twin brother Tirion, both as...