Army Showcase Sunday - Ryan's Grey Knights!

Today on A.S.S. we have Ryan again! You might remember his Lumineth Realm-Lords army from some months ago, but this time we'll be taking a look at one of his (many) 40k armies - the Grey Knights!

Hey Ryan! Welcome back to A.S.S.! Maybe first up tell us a bit about your army and the lore of the Grey Knights!

The Grey knights, the 666th chapter of the Adeptus Astartes. They are incorruptible and none of their number has fallen to chaos. To become one, is to go through trials harder than any other chapter. My grey knight brotherhood has a more warp weathered look which is a different take on the usual shiny metal.

How do the Grey Knights play on the tabletop? Any exciting new stuff in their new codex?

The new codex makes them more versatile than ever before. They really feel veteran with the upgrade stat lines. They have good shooting buffs from the psychic phase but they truly shine in close combat with powerful combos that a normal 10 strike squad fully buffed and with a bit of luck from the dice gods can nuke a primarch off the board.


Those power weapons look electrifying! How do you achieve that effect?

I went with a different blade than the usual blue. I learnt this effect from painting Custodes power weapons. This effect focuses on layering on the edges to make it seem like a power weapon. The addition of scratches to give it more character and to make it pop even more.


If you had to pick a favourite model or unit, which would it be?

There are so many good choices in the codex from nemesis dread knights to paladins. However, if I had to pick, I would pick my paladins. They are my bulwark and hammer against every army when I play my grey knights. They have nuked characters, vehicles and monster since 8th edition. They have really interesting lore as to become a paladin is to go go through 8 insane trials. This culminates into the final quest being that of slaying and banishing one of the 666 most powerful demons only armed a nemesis force sword and his psychic prowess.


Any tips for aspiring Grey Knights collectors/players?

Grey knights are a simple army to paint but it can be hard to make them really look good on the table top. Some tips, starting grey knights, try having are dark base so that the sliver armour would have a good contrast and bring more focus to the miniature. Gaming wise, all units are actually good now and they all play their own part especially the strikes, purifiers and interceptors.


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