Army Showcase Sunday - Damian's Separatist Army!

This week on A.S.S. we're taking a detour from the Mortal Realms and Dark Millenium, and instead heading to a galaxy far, far away! We're joined by long-time tabletop gamer Damian and his Star Wars Legion army of Separatists!

Hi Damian! Thanks for taking the time out to join us. First off, maybe tell us why you decided to start a Separatist army?

When Legion was released, it was sort of interesting to me, but it was only when the Separatists, with one of my favourite movie creations - the droidekas - were released that I decided I had to have them.

Your latest additions to your army look extremely...shiny! How did you achieve that?

I use a combination of AK Xtreme Metal and translucent acrylic paints to get the really shiny finish.

So what is your army's general playstyle? What's the game plan?

I've grown to like having Count Dooku as the centerpiece of the army, and I support him with the excellent STAP riders and indispensable (and shiny!) BX Commandos snipers. I find this makes the army both flexible and deadly.

What's the next unit you're looking forward to adding to your army?

I have some ideas percolating on how to do Darth Maul, so when I clear up my painting backlog a bit more I'll probably pick him up.

Any advice for aspiring Legion players or hobby painters in general?


I think, over and above the gaming side, the visual aspect of Legion is great. It's a good opportunity to get more involved with the painting and modelling part of the hobby; and a modest investment in an airbrush can really help out!

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