Army Showcase Sunday - Elvin's Daughters of Khaine!

Welcome back to Army Showcase Sunday! With the release of Age of Sigmar 3.0 getting tantalisingly close, we sit down with Elvin and have a chat about his beautiful Daughters of Khaine Army that's sure to take advantage of some of the new, updated rules!

Hi Elvin! What inspired you to start a Daughters of Khaine army?

I played Druchii 15 years ago during the Warhammer Fantasy era and always wanted to play a full Witch Elves army but never got around it. When GW dropped the DoK battletome back in 2018, it was love at first sight and an instant buy-in for me, the rest was history!



Your army looks super clean and cohesive! Any techniques in particular helped you to achieve this look?

Growing up I played lots of Warcaft 3 and WoW. Inspired by the Blood Elves, I try to emulate the thematic Gold-Red-Green colour palette throughout my army for a consistent look.

I also started painting before the advent of Contrast Paint and had to learn the traditional method of brush painting - prime, base, wash, layer, and highlight. It is more time consuming, but I personally enjoy painting, so I could take my time to paint neatly and touch-up any mistakes.

Do you have any particular favourite unit or model in your army?

Yes! Although DoK is a matriarchal faction, Morathi is a smart leader and still recognises the strongest, fittest, and most fabulous of all male aelven fighters. She bequeaths the Cauldron of Blood to the top 3 men who put the other Queens to shame in both power and beauty (except Morathi herself of course).

For the uninitiated, how do the Daughters of Khaine (and your army in particular) play on the tabletop?

Death by a thousand cuts! DoK is a murderous army that hits like dropping buckets of dice on your opponent. They are fast, offensive but can be fragile with little staying power. Originally, I started playing with the death stars of Witch Aelves blobs but over time, switched over to a more elite Melusai army.

Despite being a predominately melee army, DoK do have surprisingly great shooting capabilities as well. My strategy is to use Morathi-Khaine Command Ability to allow my Melusai Blood Stalkers archers to fire twice, once during the Hero phase and later in the Shooting phase. With the upcoming AOS 3.0 Command Ability – Unleash Hell, they can even shoot a 3rd time if they get charged!

Any tips or advice for those looking to start Daughters of Khaine, or Warhammer in general?

DoK is in a really great place now with the recently updated Battletome. They are one of the more versatile factions with a great mix of combat, shooting, and magic. Their allegiance sub-factions even allow you to play the same army in different styles, making it refreshing and rewarding for those willing to pledge their loyalty to the Goddess of Murder, Morathi-Khaine!

Thanks you very much for your time, Elvin! See you in store real soon!

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