Army Showcase Sunday - GR Iron Painter 2021!

This weekend we have a special instalment of A.S.S. - we're bringing you updates from this year's Gamersaurus Rex Iron Painter!

Since 1pm on Saturday afternoon, our painters have been hard at work, embarking on a marathon painting session - to paint a 500-point Warhammer (Age of Sigmar or 40k) army within 28 hours! Let's take a look at how they started out:
Alex's Space Marines primed and ready to go!
Ben's Drukhari can't wait to get some paint on their Tantalus!
Luqman's detachment of Thousand Sons are all suited up!
Max's half-assembled Slaanesh are off to a bit of a slow start but still very much a contender!
Now let's take a look at how their armies are progressing after 24 hours!
The Drukhari episode of Pimp My Ride looks to be wrapping up well!
Sigvald, feeling okay?
Luqman must have cast warptime on himself to be able to paint that fast!
These yellow fellows looking very very good, but will Alex make it in time? O:

There's still an hour or so left so best of luck to all our painters! And to our readers, remember to hop on to social media to encourage them, and to vote for your favourites after 5pm! We'll be back at 5pm with links to the finishing posts where you can cast your vote! See you then :D


Click on the following links to vote for your favourite!

General voting

Ben's Drukhari

Luqman's Thousand Sons

Max's Slaanesh

(Alex couldn't finish by 5 so he has dropped out...but he is continuing to fight the good fight and will not stop till he's done! Check back later for his completed army!)


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