Army Showcase Sunday - Jack's Blades of Khorne!

Age of Sigmar 3.0 is right around the corner (The Dominion launch box just previewed last night, go check it out!) with a focus on Grand Alliance Destruction. And before that, Age of Sigmar 2.0 focused on Grand Alliance Death and the necroquake.

But today, we're bringing it back to the OG big bads of Age of Sigmar - Grand Alliance CHAOS! Specifically Khorne.

We're joined today on A.S.S by a veteran player of both AoS and 40k, Jack, with his beautifully menacing Khorne army.

So Jack, what drove you to start a Khorne army?

I started with the 2-army starter set from Grex many yrs ago. It was Stormcast vs Khorne.

After playing a bit of Stormcast, I decided to also try the Khorne side. That's when I explored the range and found that the Khorne Bloodthirster demons looked really good. It was from that point that I slowly expanded my Khorne army.

I love the basing and how it matches the weapons some of your models are carrying! How did you manage to get that effect?

The lava is a combination of red, yellow and lastly orange to tie in the colours. There is some wet blending involved but mine isn't at a professional level. My advice is just to keep trying. Whenever my lava looks funny, I just add more orange, messy is fine hahaha. Same for my burning weapons.

The other aspect of my Bloodthirster bases would be the head "trophies" that decorate the bases. They commemorate the epic kills each demon did, in true Khorne fashion.

Are there any particular units that are your favourite or MVP?

MVP would definitely be my infamous Skarbrand the Bloodthirster. He has one- shot slaughtered many great heroes and monsters with his Axe of Total Carnage. In the latest battletome, Total Carnage regularly does 32 mortal wounds each turn!

How do these guys play on the tabletop - what's their general strategy?

The Khorne battletome is really handicapped compared to the other armies this edition. They have no shooting and no magic. Daemons have terrible saves, and mediocre movement. Khorne mortals have better saves but terrible damage output.

Khorne seems like a mindless melee army, like in the lore but that is an effective way to play. Khorne is an army of positioning and buff synergies.

Currently, the glass cannon demon side of Khorne is slightly stronger than the mortals because of the higher damage potential. Losing your own Bloodthirsters is perfectly normal, so long as they have claimed their share of skulls before they are killed in return. Remember, Khorne doesn't care if the skulls are from enemy or from ownself. Got solid skulls donation can liao.

So by "exchanging" big kills, hopefully the Khorne general has the last big threat on the table and wins.

Any advice for players interested in starting a Khorne army, or any advice for newbies in general?

Khorne is not a forgiving or beginner-friendly army. I almost quit Khorne in the beginning as the army often did not do anything before dying. It was my buddy Mak that advised me to keep trying with Skarbrand. Eventually I better understood how the army worked and had fun killing stuff even though I still lost a lot.

Finally, after many games later, I started to win a bit more with Khorne. If you are losing a lot as a new Khorne player, remember how fantastic the models look and keep playing the army. That should pull you through the difficult times 🤭

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