Army Showcase Sunday - Joel's "Marvel Cinematic Universe"!

We've got something special on this week's Army Showcase Sunday! We're not showcasing an army per se, but a whole collection of characters from the game Marvel Crisis Protocol! 

In Marvel Crisis Protocol (MCP) players aren't penalised for (and are in fact usually encouraged towards) building rosters incorporating characters from vastly different affiliations, as a nod to the various crossover events that have occurred throughout the history of Marvel comics.

Today we're bringing you a whole cinematic universe worth of Marvel characters, painted by the one and only Joel! He's one of the first to pick up MCP at Gamersaurus Rex and is still the store's number one champion and advocate for the game (spot his Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy models in our learn-to-play video)! 

Here's a quick fly-through of his handiwork, and then on to the questions and some close-up shots :D


So Joel, I take it you're a pretty big Marvel fan. What made you decide to start playing MCP?

So I’m not going to lie- and say I wasn’t initially interested in the game based on the release roster. It was only after they announced my favourite Marvel hero, Cyclops, did I start taking a greater interest in the game. Once that happened, I wanted to play it based literally on the fact that I could play as my favourite character.

How does MCP compare to some of the other tabletop miniature games you're familiar with?

As far as skirmish level games go, it is currently my favourite. I find the roster building and the way missions are determined by players prior to the game very different from other games, the closest being Malifaux. It gives it a fair amount of depth and a focus on playing to the mission.

Which character so far has been your favourite to build and paint?

Cyclops haha! I do want to re-do him again as I’m not too pleased with the current version I had done. Otherwise, honestly every character. I find that having to paint characters in their comic colours is very refreshing, as I get to paint each character uniquely, unlike my other games where I want to paint a single consistent colour for most of the minis.

Some months ago you emerged champion in one of our MCP events with the following roster (plus a Soul Gem): what was the game plan?

It was mainly a Web Warriors roster that could transition into a Defenders affiliation if necessary.

Which is your favourite affiliation right now and what's your favoured style of play?

Sorry X-Men, and I hope they get better, but as above, I’m personally really enjoying the Web Warriors playstyle. I like playing to the objective, and I find that the current affiliation roster of Web Warriors and overall playstyle leads in to that.

They have a good balance of cheap characters and objective players. Maybe a bit lacking in hitting power, but you can always bring in a character in your 10 to compensate.
*hint* M.O.D.O.K *hint*

Any advice for players looking to get into the game or for hobbyists in general?

Pick your favourite heroes or in general, your favourite model/army to start off. You would be more motivated to paint them as a result. Find your own rhythm and keep at it, everyone has their own way of approaching the hobby.

Alright thanks for your time, Joel!
And thanks to you, our readers! We hope you enjoyed giving this a read and, see you next time on A.S.S.! Excelsior!
(p.s. thank you to our wonderful MCP community for creating these amazing terrain pieces so we can get super cool shots like these)

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