Army Showcase Sunday - Julian's Death Guard!

Aside from all the Nurgle jokes amidst the covid-19 pandemic, the Death Guard are a serious force to be reckoned with in the 9th edition of Warhammer 40,000. Today we're joined by Julian and his unique Death Guard army - let's see what he has to say!


Hey Julian! Thanks for the taking the time to do this with us today. First off, maybe tell us what drove you to want to start a Death Guard army!

Its always been a passion project since horus heresy, The lore of the Death Guard and the struggles of the legion is really awesome (*no spoilers here)

We see you're a huge proponent of kitbashing - look at Mortarion and those Poxwalkers! Tell us a bit more about how you approach kitbashing.

I guess over time, it's more of a mental block that people find kitbashing hard, but the awesome people at Warhammer Community really inspire me with their awesome articles, as well as the physical White Dwarf (monthly miniature magazine) with all the geek, gore and lore.

Really such a gem in providing an awesome resource for all things nurgly and, well as a certain type of miniature elegance that gives people motivation to make that first step, whether nurgly, sloppy or diseased filled, there is no wrong to kitbashing. Only right up the creative alley!

The basing for your entire army is super cool, and coherent to boot! How did you do up your bases?

Based off the disease-filled imperium worlds, dream the idea of basing glowy glowy to the disease-ridden streets!

What's your favourite part about playing Death Guard on the tabletop?

Its always about attrition, such is the way of the diseased. To spread plague like sneezing.

Lastly, any words of advice for aspiring plague marines out there? Or new players/hobbyists in general?

To be alive, one has to take that step in going towards a direction, and perhaps trigger the inner child of creativity. Warhammer is truly all about the mind’s creative!

Thanks so much Julian! See you again soon!

p.s. here's some bonus photos of his Death Guard characters:

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