Army Showcase Sunday - Keith's Resurrectionists!

Today we take a trip to the world of Malifaux and meet with Keith and his Resurrectionist crews! Keith's a big name in the local Malifaux scene, being our tournament organizer and all around champion for the game (he also plays both 40k and AoS - no prizes for guessing his preferred factions).

Let's take a look at his undead models who look absurdly good (for walking piles of bone and/or rotting flesh)!

Hi Keith! Thanks for joining us today! Maybe before we get into your army, let's start with the game in general. What do you enjoy about Malifaux?

Heyo! Well in terms of the lore, Malifaux is quintessential Victorian horror with steampunk tossed into the mix. It’s a setting that I really enjoy, and the game really tries to reflect the lore in that each Master’s (crew leader) playstyle is highly thematic. Also, it’s a game where you can win on objective scoring even if your crew gets nearly wiped out, which makes for very challenging and enjoyable scenarios.

Your chosen faction is the Resurrectionists. What drew you to this faction?

I’m all about the undead. Not too long after I started wargaming (20 years ago), fellow gamers gave me the nickname Zombie-boy, owing to my love for zombies and undead in general. The Resurrectionists embody this ideal perfectly, so 'nuff said I guess.

What's your playstyle when playing Malifaux with these crews?

I tend to favour Masters that are skewed towards summoning. Malifaux is a game of alternating activations and action economy, and therefore summoning more models to the fight mid-game can be very powerful. In the current M3E edition of the game, summoning has had a lot more restrictions added to tone the mechanic down, and I think they’ve got the balance down pretty great this time.

If you could pick one model in particular as your favourite, which would it be?

There are many superbly detailed and amazing models in the Malifaux range, but my personal favourite would have to be the Grave Golem. It’s literally what a graveyard would look like if it decided to suddenly get up and walk off, earth, headstones, bones and all.

Any advice for someone looking to start Malifaux?

Pick 2 Masters from your chosen faction to give yourself tactical flexibility, and practice those 2 Masters almost exclusively until you…master them (pun intended). This keeps your initial startup cost low, and helps you get a firm grasp on the game plus the rules of your 2 crews. You can always expand your collection later.

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