Army Showcase Sunday - Renzus' Stormcast Eternals!

It's less than a week to the release of Dominion, and we're gearing up for the sweet, sweet launch box by taking a look at one of our regulars' Stormcast Eternals army! Today we're joined yet again by gamer extraordinaire Renzus!

Hello Renzus, and welcome back to A.S.S.! Last time we talked about your Deathwatch army for 40k, and today we’re taking a look at your Stormcast Eternals. Tell us what led you to start a Stormcast army, and how come you’re dusting them off now?

I started a Stormcast Eternals army back when Soul Wars first came out, mostly because I felt like I needed a fresh perspective when it came to army selection other than assorted flavours of Chaos, which was all I had back then. They're coming out of the storage closet because, well, Dominion is hell of a deal for a Stormcast player, along with Age of Sigmar's 3rd edition looking like a much tighter, more well-balanced ruleset. And Path to Glory seems like a good way to re-learn the game.

Let's talk about your chosen paint scheme - it's very cool, very sleek, and rather unorthodox. Any words on that?

The Stormcast Eternals, for quite a while, were quite notorious for only having very select few colour schemes during Age of Sigmar's initial launch. Then, when they introduced the Anvils of the Heldenhammer, I knew I had to leap at the opportunity. Black, red and gold is my favourite colour combination for armour designs. To supplement that, I went with the flaming bases to suit the theme of Aqshy, the Realm of Fire, because Stormcast striding across fields of flame and ash always struck me as pretty awesome.

Seems like the general consensus is that the Stormcast Eternals are a pretty generalist army on the tabletop - how true do you think that is? What’s your style of playing them?

It's pretty true, although the assorted Stormhosts can skew your playstyle towards specific strategies. For example, the Anvils of the Heldenhammers' signature Command Ability lets them fight or shoot in the Hero Phase, so having potent ranged units pays off much more than in any other Stormhost. But typically, the thing to rely on for Stormcast is universal teleportation deployment, as well as strong 4+ armour.

What are you most looking forward to seeing in the new edition of Age of Sigmar?

Mostly the new missions, to see how they challenge players to think tactically. Also, naturally, eagerly awaiting the next Battletome for Stormcast Eternals.

Any favourite Stormcast models/units from among those in the Dominion box?

I like the Vindictors the most. Humble line troops as they are, their design is pretty striking with a kind of understated, yet still imposing strength, as well as the sleeker armour design than the large bulky look of the Liberators and Sequitors.


Alright thanks for taking the time to sit down with us and show us your very cool army today Renzus. May you roll well in AoS 3.0!


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