Army Showcase Sunday - Val's Imperial Swords!

On this week's A.S.S. we're joined by a very special member of our community - Val! She's one part of the organising team behind the 40k Mithras Crusade which many of you are familiar with, or might even be a part of!

In brief, it's an islandwide narrative 40k campaign that's run by the community, for the community (and of course we at GRex are glad to support it by being both a play venue and a source of additional reinforcements)!

Today, Val has brought her Space Marine army, of a chapter of her own design - the Imperial Swords! You can really sense the personality and the camaraderie between these battle-brothers just by looking at them - and they've got plenty of war stories to share too! Let's see what their esteemed commander has to say!

Hey Val! Thanks for taking the time to join us today. Maybe you could tell us a little about your custom chapter, the Imperial Swords! First off, your army is comprised entirely of firstborn marines. Any particular reason for this? Do you...despise Primaris marines?

It is mostly a logistic issue, I bought too many firstborn marines back in 7th edition and I couldn't sell them off when Primaris was released.  As a consequence, I decided to paint them up instead. My feelings towards Primaris are mixed: on one hand, I can't help but feel they would invalidate and phase out my firstborn collection, but on the other hand, the Primaris models are amazing and with much better proportions.

I've heard a great deal about your army and some of the characters throughout the Mithras Crusade! What are some of your most memorable moments for the Imperial Swords this season?

Wow, there are so many of those.  But the most memorable would be a 2v2 game between Daniel & David vs Ian and myself. Chapter Champion La Hire sneaked behind the Necrons and did a YOLO charge into the Lokhust Destroyer Squadron, which was parked on the 2nd level of the ruin, to turn the tide of battle.

If you had to pick just one character or unit that was your favourite right now, which would it be?

Chapter Champion La Hire, he is more of a beatstick than his Captain, and he speaks with an amazing accent.

(He's the Chad with the sword and shield)

Any advice for hobbyists looking to start their own Space Marine chapter?

I guess it depends on an individual's motivation for wanting to start their own chapter and how far they want to go with it. I think the hobbyist should go with a colour scheme that they really like and not be intimidated by it. But do start off with a test model to see if you will enjoy painting up an entire force like that.

The one thing that sets custom chapters apart is really the Chapter Icon. For those who can't freehand, it might be easier to get custom decals from Chapter Customizers from the internet, although this would cost a fair bit. You could also use existing GW icons but change the positioning of it.

The lore and rules part of the custom chapter will eventually fall in place.

Thanks again for joining us today Val!

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