Be a part of the G'Rex Crusade!

We are exceedingly proud to announce that our first ever Crusade Campaign has just launched!

Although we have limited physical gaming space due to current restrictions, we still want to bring the excitement of the new Crusade mode to you! Throughout the entire month of August, take part in this Warhammer 40,000 9th Edition campaign from the comfort of your own home or whatever else gaming space you wish (though we wouldn't recommend void decks)! Simply take an exciting photo of your game, post it on social media (either your personal FB/IG or the SG-40k Facebook group), tag Gamersaurus Rex and tag your opponent to gain a stamp without needing to travel to the store! Adding the hashtag #grexcrusade would help us out and make it easier for everyone to find and see your exciting photos!

As if playing a Crusade wasn't fun enough, we've added a little incentive! Each player who earns at least 4 stamps will receive one of these cool Warhammer 40,000 logo badges (while stocks last), and playing more games earn you a chance to win even more prizes!

To take part, simply build a 1000-point Order of Battle and play any Combat Patrol (500-point) or Incursion (1000-point) mission! Remember to follow the Crusade rules provided in the 9th Edition Core Rulebook and keep track of changes to your army on your Order of Battle and Crusade cards!

For this first Crusade campaign we want everyone to have fun, so we're rewarding players for simply playing games rather than beating their opponents to a pulp. That being said, future campaigns might have some competitive elements and higher stakes so if you're a bloodthirsty warlord...stay tuned.

See you in store (or on social media) and have fun fighting for domination over the G'Rex star system!

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