Halloween at GRex - All Treat no Trick!

2020 has been one hell of a year, but things do seem to be looking up! To inject a little fun into an otherwise dreadful year, we're planning something cool. Halloween is just around the corner and although we can't throw an actual party, the festivities will not cease! As such, we'll be having a special 1-day promotion! Come dressed in a costume on 31 Oct Friday and you'll be eligible for a 4-for-3 deal - purchase 4 items for the price of 3!*

But here's a twist - the theme for this year's Halloween at GRex is:


So in other words, the worse your costume is, the better! But having said that, only COSTUMES will be counted, i.e. no military uniforms etc. If you're uncertain about whether your costume counts as a costume, check with us on Facebook :D

Yes, it is a contest, but no there is no prize other than being immortalized on social media (given your permission). So get cracking and let's see your terrible costumes this Saturday!

p.s. here's some inspiration for you - is he a croissant? a crescent? a chicken wing? only he knows!

*The item of the lowest cost among the 4 items will be free of charge. Not applicable with other promotions or member discounts. 

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