The G'Rex Crusade begins!

With Indomitus clearly in sight, the Gamersaurus Rex team has begun playtesting the new set of Narrative Play rules, holding our own Crusade mini-campaign! Familiarizing ourselves with the new 9th Edition rules and understanding the Crusade systems have been a blast and we're almost ready to launch a Crusade campaign that all of you can be a part of.

In our trial campaign we've got a good balance going, with Necrons, Tyranids, Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines, so you can check out what's been happening and stay updated by watching our socials and following the hashtag #grexcrusade ! In the meantime, here's a teaser to get you pumped for the release of Indomitus this weekend, along with the start of our store Crusade campaign. Happy warmongering!


In a far-flung corner of the galaxy, in the unknown depths of Segmentum Obscurus is a sector known to the Imperium only by its serial code: 259A. The Imperium's psykers are only able to obtain glimpses of the worlds contained within, but even through the occluding shroud, a mysterious burst of psychic energy has recently been picked up, originating from one of these systems in 259A.

Unknown to the Imperium, that burst of energy was released by the Necrons, awakening after aeons of slumber in the G'Rex system. Finding their worlds ravaged by Tyranids, the Necrons are mustering a force to reclaim their system, all the while being approached on all sides by scouting parties from the Imperium, the forces of Chaos, and all manner of Xenos factions. A bloody battle for the fate of the G'Rex system is about to begin...will you answer the call to war?

 Chu Heng's Necron Army

Life Takers Assault Force "Bloodwing" - Renzus' Chaos Space Marines

"The Grasping Shadow" - Nic's Tyranids

Jokoh's Space Marines characters from Strike Force Lohr Gorhagen

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