The Quest for the Boltersaurus Dice!

The time has come at last for all to prove their worth. Only the best will survive, and only the bravest will be rewarded with the most holy of relics - the Boltersaurus Dice (the less brave and the less good can also be rewarded but with other things)

Here's how to take part in the Quest for the Boltersaurus Dice:

Sign up and pay the entry fee (of $15)

Earn points as you play Crusade games of Warhammer 40,000 in store:

- 1 point per game played

- 1 additional point if the game included a Space Marines and/or Necrons army and you were victorious

- 1 additional point if you share a quick report of your game on the SG 40k Facebook group (making sure to tag @Gamersaurus Rex and use the hashtag #boltersaurusdice )

- you may earn points from multiple games in a day, but only from the first game against each individual player

The first 10 players to reach 20 points by the end of the year 2020 will receive the Boltersaurus Dice! Any players who reach 20 points afterwards will receive a $15 voucher eligible for use on Games Workshop products!

The campaign starts this Friday (23 Oct) and will run until midnight on New Year's Eve.

So what are you waiting for? Muster your forces and prove you are worthy to receive the Boltersaurus Dice!

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