Adeptus Titanicus: Rules Set (6811392508066)
Adeptus Titanicus: Rules Set (6811392508066)
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Adeptus Titanicus: Rules Set

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The galaxy is on fire. The Emperor's glorious vision for humanity is in ruins, his armies embroiled in civil war. The greatest of these bitter opponents are the mighty god machines of the Adeptus Titanicus. Those Titan Legions who have remained loyal to the Emperor bravely stand against the wave of betrayal and hold their position on countless worlds as the forces of the warlord inexorably approach Terra. The treacherous Titans march at the head of the warlord's armies trying to bring the Empire to its knees in the name of their hideous cause ...

Adeptus Titanicus: The Horus Heresy is a tabletop game that revolves around the devastating battles between awe-inspiring machines during the civil war that divided the galaxy. 2 players take control of a variety of titans - colossal, humanoid war machines that are wrapped in thick armor and whose weapons can destroy entire cities with a single volley. It is a strategic contest in which you measure your cunning and skill in a deadly battle with your opponent; a test of your tactical skills in which you have to use the available resources and determine the optimal reaction to developments on the battlefield.

The Rules Set contains a bound 96-page book that includes all the rules needed to play Adeptus Titanicus, from simply moving the miniatures and performing attacks, to advanced and optional rules that offer incredible depth and tactical complexity . Together with this comprehensive set of rules you get a variety of accessories: Command terminals, battlefield accessories and much more: 


In the 96-page rulebook you will find the basic, advanced and optional rules that you need to play, as well as detailed background information about the Titan Legions, their origins and battles before - and during - the Horus heresy.

- The Empire of Mankind: Although there is no complete archive of the history and events that led to the rise of mankind to rulers across the galaxy, information about the Old Empire can be reconstructed thanks to archaeological data; the relationship between Terra - the seat of the Emperor - and Mars, the home of the Cult Mechanicum; the War of Unification and the Great Crusade; the Collegia Titanica and the creation of the Titan Legions; and the harrowing civil war of the Horus heresy. You can find information about this here;
- A selection of notable machine wars of the Age of Darkness: When the god machines go to war, the galaxy itself holds its breath - here you will find a record of numerous conflicts between these formidable machines, from the betrayal of Istvaan III to the death of Tallarn to gather imperial troops on Beta Garmon; 
Annotated schematics and blueprints of a variety of Titans are also presented throughout the book, along with examples of the composition, heraldry, and color schemes of Knight banners and Titan manipulas;
- Introduction to the rules: Adeptus Titanicus offers an extensive and detailed game system, with the Extended Rules being a comprehensive guide to piloting a Titan - the introduction to this book is designed to slowly introduce you to the gameplay, with annotated photos showing the Illustrate the structure, show a battle in progress and clearly explain how the game accessories - especially the command terminals, dice and arch templates - are used;
- Basic Rules: This part covers everything players need to know in their first few games and explains rounds - 4 to 6 per game - and the 5 phases - Strategy, Movement, Damage Control, Combat and Ending phases - that make up composed each round. The basics of each phase are explained, and advanced rules are suggested that players can add once they are familiar with the gameplay. The Clash of the Titans mission, also included, has been specially designed to use the basic rules;
- Advanced Rules: Once players are familiar with the phases and gameplay of Adeptus Titanicus, it's time to shift up a gear and use the advanced rules to command your Titans. This section introduces combat options, special abilities that depend on which mission is being played, and the issuing of orders that give your models a bonus - and an associated penalty. The impact of terrain types - even god machines can have trouble on a rubble-strewn battlefield - is introduced, as is the effects of increasing the power of your Titan's plasma reactor; Although this gives you more energy for devastating salvos, it also increases the chance of a dramatic reactor overload. An experienced princeps knows how to deal with this risk! There are also rules for awakening the machine spirit - the living force at the heart of every Titan can override the wishes of the crew and put the Titan in a state that can prove beneficial. Finally, this section provides rules for sending squadrons and banners into the field supporting each other with coordinated fire and the amalgamation of deflector shields;
- Optional Rules: These rules are not necessary to play the game, but they provide an opportunity to make the game even more challenging and immerse, and are suitable for players who want to triumph over the most adverse events while playing theirs Lead Titans into battle. Overloaded deflector shields, destructible terrain, transferring reactor energy from deflector shields, and the consequences of stray shots are covered by these rules; 
- Putting together a combat group: hints to form a combat group with your Titans, with manipulative configurations and attributes for the commander of the combat group;
- Fighting a battle: 3 different ways to enjoy the brutal battles and the resulting stories that you will experience during the game are explained here - narrative play, balanced play and free play. In free play, the focus is on your models, with no restrictions - just use the Titans you want and go; the narrative game uses missions to tell a story and the balanced game makes the game a test of your strategic skills. 6 missions are included as well as hints to design your own missions;
- Legions of the Adeptus Titanicus: Description and rules for Legio Gryphonicus and Legio Tempestus, each with its own attribute of the legion, special weapons and equipment and a selection of attributes for the Princeps Senior. 


Also includes a variety of game accessories necessary to play Adeptus Titanicus: 

- 6 Titan command terminals : 2 for Warlord Titans, 2 for Reaver Titans and 2 for Warhound Titans; large playing areas that are used to keep track of the status of your Titans during the game; 
- 2 Questoris Knight command terminals that are used to keep track of the status of your Knight banners during the game;
- 28 Titan Weapon Cards: these double-faced cards are placed on the Titan command terminals to keep track of the weapons you are using, with one side showing the profile values ​​of the weapons and the other side showing that the weapon is disabled; 
- 24 mission and battle option cards: these cards show the 6 missions and 18 battle options from the rulebook in a handy format;
- Playing field elements and status markers: The playing field elements consist of 6 plastic miniatures that represent certain combat options - this set contains 1 macro cannon battery, 1 apocalyptic missile base, 1 command bastion, 1 plasma generator, 1 communication relay and 1 deflector shield relay. It also includes an initiative marker, a destroyed titanium head that can be used as a mission target marker, 50 status markers for the command terminals, 6 designation markers for the Titans on the battlefield and 3 bow templates to determine the shooting range of a Titan;
- 2 reference sheets that depict the phases of the game and provide information at a glance on commands, repair actions, hit roll modifiers, armor roll modifiers, rules for smash attacks, reactor overload table, table for awakening the central machine spirit, table for catastrophic damage, damage effects, damage effects for critical damage and attributes of the usual weapons; 
- 21 dice for Adeptus Titanicus: 1 D6 reactor die, 1 D6 target area die, 2 numbered D10 dice, 6 D6 command dice, 10 D6 Adeptus Titanicus die and 1 deviation die; 
- 2 clear explosion templates and a flame template depicting large explosions, bursts of energy and tongues of flame.