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When it comes to fighting firmly on the ground, the Arkanaut Companies form the main fighting forces of the Kharadron Overlords. Descending rapidly with the help of the gravity ladders of a Frigate or suspension ropes, an Arkanaut Compay can quickly deploy into the fray. 

This multi-part plastic kit includes the components needed to build an Arkanaut Company of 10 miniatures that also have a wide variety of weapons: each one carries a corsair pistol and Arkanaut blades and a maximum of 3 miniatures can include a picaérea, a multi-barreled aethermatic salute rifle, or a light aerial harpoon. Your Captain can be equipped with a salute pistol or aeter flame pistol and has the option of wielding an anchor.

The Arkanaut Companies are the main combat troops of an army of Kharadron Overlords, and thus they have not yet accumulated enough aether-gold to adorn their armor as much as that of their superiors. They sport magnificent metal beards and their sealed armor is packed with the valves and accessories needed to keep them alive. 

This kit has 83 components and is supplied with 10 Citadel 25mm Round Bases.