Pathfinder Age of Ashes Book 3 Tomorrow Must Burn (Sep 2019)

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In defeating the treacherous Cult of Cinders, the heroes discover a nefarious group pulling the cult's strings‰ÛÓa mysterious merchant's guild called the Scarlet Triad. Following clues and utilizing another portal found below their castle on Hellknight Hill, the heroes come to the recently founded nation of Ravounel, where they must stand against the Scarlet Triad as the group attempts to establish an underground slave trade. But as the heroes clash more and more with the Scarlet Triad, it becomes increasingly apparent the slavers have even more sinister plans for the Inner Sea region‰ÛÒplans that must be stopped! ‰Û

CONTENTS - Tomorrow Must Burn by Ron Lundeen and Stephanie Lundeen (3) - Ravounel Gazetteer by Ron Lundeen (58) - Here There Be Dragons by James L. Sutter (64) - Adventure Toolbox by Lyz Liddell and Ron Lundeen (70)

TheåÊPathfinder campaign setting, also known as theåÊPathfinder Chronicles campaign settingåÊandåÊLost Omens campaign setting, is a campaign setting designed byåÊPaizo Inc.åÊfirst foråÊOpen Gaming License-compatible roleplaying game systems and later for theåÊPathfinder Roleplaying Game. The setting focuses primarily on the world ofåÊGolarionåÊand more specifically, theåÊInner Sea regionåÊofåÊAvistanåÊand northernåÊGarund, but there are at leaståÊelevenåÊadditionalåÊplanetsåÊin the setting and a wide array of otheråÊplanes.

With the release of theåÊPathfinder Second EditionåÊruleset, the campaign setting product line shifted fromåÊPathfinder Campaign SettingåÊtoåÊPathfinder Lost Omens, and the timeline canonically advanced to resolve the events of allåÊAdventure Paths,åÊPathfinder Society Organized PlayåÊcampaigns, and other player-driven plotlines to that date.

Age of Ashes is the twenty-fifth Pathfinder Adventure Path and is expected to run from August 2019 to December 2019. It is the first adventure path to use the Second Edition rules of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

‰ÛÏThe mysterious fires burning atop an abandoned Hellknight citadel are but the first of many discoveries waiting to be uncovered in this six-part, monthly Pathfinder campaign of continent-spanning conflict against cultists, slavers, and a fiery draconic devastation that could unleash an Age of Ashes upon the world!"