Regimen: The Lions of Bukit Chandu (5365935145122)

Regimen: The Lions of Bukit Chandu

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February 1942. The Second World War. The final days before the Fall of Singapore.

Already half-way across Singapore, the Imperial Army has smashed through all of our defenses and are now on route to Bukit Chandu. Though massively outnumbered by the Imperial Army, the Malay Regiment, the last of the surviving defenders of Singapore's freedom, has been tasked to fend off as many of the invaders as possible.

Loyal and true; unyielding and unafraid, soldiers of the Malay Regiment will fight tooth and nail in order to defend the nation.


The Gameplay


Each player takes on the role of a different hero and everyone must work together to prevent Imperial Soldiers, Tanks and Warplanes from wiping out every Malay Regiment soldier on Bukit Chandu.

Every turn, Imperial cards are drawn, adding more Imperial units to the board and moving them closer to their goal. Heightening the sense of urgency, with every set of Soldiers, Tanks or Warplanes added to the board, tiles of the board are 'Surged', making the battlefield smaller and smaller.

Players can gain Respect tokens by defeating the various enemies. With more Respect, players can spend more actions to move or to do battle. Unfortunately, it also means more Imperial units are added to the board on their turn.


The Objective


To win, players must gain a number of Respect tokens by defeating various enemies before they are defeated themselves.

It's a game of hard decisions and maddening consequences. Do you have what it takes to protect Bukit Chandu and save Singapore?