Unsullied Swordmasters (5076721959049)

Unsullied Swordmasters

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The spike-helmed Unsullied, trained to military perfection in the slaver city of Astapor, are renowned for their individual prowess and collective discipline. When organized into units of Swordmasters, the Unsullied can hold the front lines as well as any rank of heavy Westerosi troops. Feeling no pain, and striking at foes when they least expect it, the Unsullied are a capable, fearsome center for any formation in the Targaryen army. Those concerned that the eunuch Unsullied are individually slight compared to western soldiers should face them in battle at least once to learn the error of their ways.

13 Miniatures
åÊåʉۣ 1 Officer
åÊåʉۣ 11 Swordmasters
åÊåʉۣ 1 Swordmaster Bannerman
1 Unit Card
1 Attachment Card
1 Movement Tray